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Cok guzel oyun




Its very easy !!


Been playing this game for two years or more ... I lové it

thumbs up, cool game

two feature request though: 1. possibility to review last won trick 2. list of all tricks played in one round when round is finished

Cvs Zobuoglu

Super bence

iPhone 5 Support

iPhone 5 Support pleaseeeee

Great game

Simple, great free game. Play it all the time.

My dependency

I play Batak several times a day every day. Updates have improved game quality and its always a challenge. *The* game for card players.

Thank you

Its fantastic !

A really fun game.

Addictive, challenging, surprisingly deep strategy card game. The interface is attractive and functional. I find this to require the perfect amount of challenge and brain power when I am on the train coming home after a long day. Doesnt require the kind of focused energy that Scrabble or timed word games demand, but is definitely not a rote solitaire game, either.

Look elsewhere

Worst oh hell game ever. Youre better off with one of the free spades apps, even if youre looking for oh hell.

Not too bad

Too easy . Need it more Batak rules in that game , like u should fail if u get two more than what u said or u have to pass . Please update it .

Great game!

Really nice app! Great game to pass time.

Not the best gameplay...

I really like the layout of the game...however the actual gameplay is lacking for me. First off, there are no penalties for going over your bid or (in auction) no bonus for making your bid. This creates issues in both games, particularly in auction where there is zero incentive to bid since your score is the same regardless, and simply based on tricks taken. Also, as in all spades games, the AI is terrible. they make no effort to make there own nil bid (saving their highest cards until the end) nor attempt to stop anyone elses nil bid. And again with no bag penalties it is just a matter of taking as many tricks as you can with no other strategy involved. I only leave this review because I do like the layout and UI. My hope is some small updates to gameplay might keep this game on my device. Thanks.

Good game

Game is harder than previous reviewer implied. In auction it is often worth bidding to control the trump suit. I agree that simple mode should have either a bag penalty at 2 or a penalty for 5 or more bags total. Also AI really should be improved. The comp players should try to get their own nil bids. I had one computer pop bid nil with Ace of Spades in his hand. Bad programming! Also comp players never try to set other pops when they bid nils. Still, a good game.

Batak rating

Entertaining could use more Batak rules

Fun Game

But not perfect. I agree with some previous reviews regarding taking more tricks than bid.

Love it

Love playing this game

Great game!

Easy and fun!

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